Coptic Grammar Online Free Language

An Introductory Coptic Grammar
John Martin Plumley, Introductory Coptic Grammar, ...
Coptic Grammar (Google eBook)
A compendious grammar of the Egyptian language as contained in the Coptic.
Coptic Grammar
Coptic Language with Lessons.
Coptic loanwords
Coptic loanwords of Egyptian Arabic in comparison with the parallel case of Romance loanwords in Andalusi Arabic, with the true Egyptian etymon of Al-Andalus.
Coptic Grammar
Coptic Bohairic Grammar I Lessons developed by Hany N. Takla
Coptic Pronunciation
The Modern Pronunciation of Coptic in the Mass by Prince, J. Dyneley.
Rudimenta linguae Coptae
Rudimenta linguae Coptae sive Aegyptiacae ad usum Collegii urbani de ... by Raphael Tuki (bp. of Arsinoe.)
Coptic noun phrases.
Coptic Grammar
Grammatica linguae copticae: accedunt additamenta ad lexicon copticum by Amedeo Peyron.

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