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Grammar of the Pukhto (Google eBook)
A grammar of the Pukhto, Pushto, or Language of the Afgháns.
Grammar Pashto
Grammar and Vocabulary of Waziri Pashto (1902).
Grammar Pashto
A grammar of the Pukhto, Pushto, or language of the Afghans; together with translations from the articles of war, and remarks on the language, literature, and descent of the Afghan tribes by Raverty, H. G. (Henry George), 1825-1906.
A reference Grammar of Pashto (PDF Document)
This Grammar of Pastho was designed to accomapany a set of beginning - and intermediate-level instructional materials for teaching the Pastho Language to English Speakers.
Grammar Pashto
Descriptive Grammar of Pashto.
Manual Pushtu
A manual of Pushtu (1922).
Grammar Pashto
A Reference Grammar of Pashto by ERIC.
Pashto Reader
This reader is the basic text for a set of instructional materials in Pashto.
A grammar of the Pukkhto (Google eBook)
A grammar of the Pukkhto or Pukshto language: on a new and improved system ... by Henry Walter Bellew

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