Bilingual and Multilingual Children Online

Free Kids Stories
Free bilingual children's stories / cuentos bilingües para niños.
Multilingual Family in the UK
Many parents in the UK come from another part of the world and often, this means that they speak a language other than English (sometimes, more than just the one extra language even!).
How to raise bilingual children
How I Became Bilingual? The Truth About My Kids.
Raising Children Bilingually
Parents who speak more than one language are generally eager to share their languages with their children.
Bilingual Families Web Page
This page is intended primarily as a place for bilingual parents to find information and resources to help them raise their children bilingually. If you know of any information that "should" be on this page but isn't, drop Cindy a line.
Mulitilingual upbringing is not one of those new educational ideas, but indeed something very natural as the majority of all children grow up bilingually.
Bilingual Monkeys
Ideas and inspiration on raising bilingual kids, information on bilingualism in children, and resources to promote bilingual development.
Raising Bilingual Children?
This is your web-guide to raising multilingual children. Here we have an entire site dedicated to kids growing up with multiple languages ...
Raising Bilingual Children
Welcome to Raising Bilingual Children, the web page for parents seeking information related to questions about raising children in a bilingual environment.
I read Italian
Italian language students, Italian language teachers, families and individuals who wish to raise their children bilingual in English and Italian will find a variety of language resources and tools ...
Progressive Immersion
Progressive immersion is a language learning strategy based on the the natural approach to communication that bilingual people really use.
Raising a Trilingual Child
Practical advice based on personal experience and results of scientific research.
Raising Bilingual Children
The idea of raising bilingual children is both appealing and possible for more and more families these days, and growing up with more than one language certainly has its advantages in today's global village.
Raising Bilingual Children
Raising children bilingual or not bilingual

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