Australian English Languages

Australian Voices
This website celebrates the many and varied Australian English voices.
Australian English
On the representation and evolution of Australian English and New Zealand English.
Felicity Cox
Abstract The Big Australian Speech Corpus project incorporates the strategic goals of 30 Chief Investigators from various speech science areas.
Kate Burridge
A Peculiar Language" — Early Australian English and Beyond.
New Zealand English (PDF)
The phonetics of giving a hand in New Zealand English.
Australian English
The Subjunctive in Australian English.
Australian English
Felicity Cox -
Australian hypocoristics
Did you have a choccie bickie this arvo? A quantitative look at Australian hypocoristics.
New Zealand English
Capturing the vowel change In New Zealand English over a thirty year period via a diachronic study.
Southern Hemisphere English
New-dialect formation and Southern Hemisphere English: The New Zealand short front vowels - Elizabeth Gordon.
An Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology
This page contains links to the main topics in the Phonetics and Phonology on-line resource.
Australian English vowels by Jonathan Harrington (PDF)
An acoustic phonetic study of broad, general, and cultivated Australian English vowels.
New Zealand English
Determinism in new-dialect formation and the genesis of New Zealand English.

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