African Language and Literature Resources

African Language Materials Archive
Digital Library for International Research-- African Language Materials Archive.
South Africa Languages and Culture
South Africans have been referred to as the 'Rainbow Nation' a title which illuminates the .
African Languages
African Languages African Linguistics on the Internet.
African Aphorisms.
Noun Classification in Swahili
Noun Classification in Swahili Ellen Contini-Morava Department of Anthropology/Program in Linguistics University of Virginia.
The languages of South Africa
South Africa is a multilingual country. Besides the 11 officially recognised languages, scores of others - African, European, Asian and more - are spoken here, as the country lies at the crossroads of southern Africa.
African Language Resources
African language resources on the Internet.
African Language Resources
This Webbook has been designed by Michigan State University in Consultation with the African Language Teachers Association to provide information about the resources available for the study of African languages.
History of Afrikaans (Language Museum)
This unique language originated from the Dutch spoken by the first settlers.

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