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A study in the Aramaic Language of Jesus
Recently, various studies4 have emphasized that Aramaic may have influenced the Hebrew language very strongly, ...
Aramaic Language (YouTube)
Syrian village clings to Aramaic language - 25 Dec 07.
Aramaic Language
Aramaic Language: The Language of Christ. The Aramaic language is a Semitic language closely related to Hebrew.
Aramaic Language
The Aramaic alphabet was adaptaed from the Phoenician alphabet during the 8th century BC and was used to write the Aramaic language until about 600 AD.
The Aramaic Language
Aramaic is one of the Semitic languages, an important group of languages known almost from the beginning of human history and including also Arabic, Hebrew, Ethiopic, and Akkadian ...
Aramaic language From Wikipedia
Aramaic is a group of languages belonging to the Afroasiatic language phylum.
The Aramaic language was the international trade language of the ancient Middle East.

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