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Aymara language (From Wikipedia)
Aymara is an Aymaran language spoken by the Aymara people of the Andes. It is one of only a handful of Native American languages with over a million speakers.
Aymara Words
Vocabulary Words in Native American Languages: Aymara.
Aymara Language Materials Program
Aymara Language Materials Program - Center for Latin American Studies - University of Florida - Information as of Fall 1991.
Aymara Language
Lengua aymara: aprendizaje, enseñanza, normalización y política lingüistica.
Aymara is one the most important native languages of South America.
Institute of Aymara Language
ILCA - Instituto de Lengua y Cultura Aymara.
Aymara Grammar
AYMARA: Compendio de estructura fonológica y gramatical.
The Jaqi Languages
Aymara is the first language of one third of the population of Bolivia and is the major native language in Southern Per and Northern Chile.
Aymara, Jaqaru, and Kawki Language Resources
The Jaqi Collection : Aymara, Jaqaru, and Kawki Language Resources is comprised of archival and published texts as well as recorded sounds and images related to the Jaqi family of languages.
Aymara language
The Aymara language in its social and cultural context.
Aymara History
Aymaras, identidad e historia. La lengua aymara.
Aymara on the Internet
Welcome to the Aymara Web Page. This course provides you with an overview of the ancient and unique Andean Aymara language and culture.

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