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Balochi Language
Balochi Language and Information Resources.
Balochi language
Balochi is a Northwestern Iranian language. It is the principal language of the Baloch of Balochistan, Pakistan, eastern Iran and southern Afghanistan.
Balochi language
Balochi is spoken in Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, India, the Arab Gulf States, Turkmenistan and East Africa.
Balochi language
This site is about the Balochi language. Balochistan, located in south-west Asia, is a land with a large territory and a population of approximately 6-8 million.
Balochi language
Balochi is a Northwestern Iranian language.
Balochi language
A text book of the Balochi language : consisting of miscellaneous stories, legends, poems and Balochi-English vocabulary (1922).
Bibliography of the Balochi language
Balochi language - general - Textbooks/handbooks and books for learning Balochi.
balochi language
A Wisdom Archive on balochi language - history.

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Balochi Resources

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