Catalan Language and Literature Resources

Catalan is spoken in the following countries: Spain, Andorra, France and Italy.

Catalan (Català)
Catalan (Català) is a Western Romance language spoken in eastern and northeastern Spain, chiefly in Catalonia, Valencia, the Balearic Isles, the eastern fringe of Aragon (La Franja) and in some municipalities of Murcia.
Institut d'Estudis Catalans
L'institut de les Ciències i les Humanitats - Acadèmia de la Llengua Catalana.
Catalan is the language of Catalonia, as well of as of other regions.
Portal de Publicacions
Institvt d'Estvdis Calans. Publicacions generals.
800 years of Catalan literature
This exhibition showed some examples of book-production from Catalonia (Catalunya) from the incunable period to the twentieth century, with a view to demonstrating some aspects of Catalan culture through the medium of the artefact of the book.
Institut Ramon Llull - 4cats
IRL - Catalan Language and culture abroad.
Case study: sound patterns in Catalan
In this module, we explore a selection of sound processes found in two dialects of Catalan.

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