Cherokee Language and Indigenous Languages Resources

Cherokee Nation Cultural Resourc
Cherokee Nation Cultural Resource Center Language Services.
Cherokee Cultural Tidbits Index
Information courtesy of: CNO Cultural Resource Center Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma And Other Cherokee Resources.
The Cherokee Companion
This software is dedicated to the memory of the Ancient Ones who thought, dreamt, and spoke in the Cherokee language long before anyone tried to take it away from their descendants.
Cherokee Syllabary
tsalagi.flf is the Cherokee Syllabary as a FIGlet font based on the keymap of Joan Sarah Touzet's Freeware Cherokee Font.
A Few Words in Cherokee/Tsalagi
A Small Lexicon of Tsalagi words - Some specific resources.
Cherokee Made Easy
Prentice Robinson is Cherokee and a member of the Cherokee Nation.
Cherokees of California
History of The Cherokee tsa-la-gi Language.
Cherokee-Script Projects
The Cherokee Syllabary in Sequoyah's own Handwriting - Your Name in Cherokee and Several other Scripts ...

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