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Our Slavic Language
The language used by our people in the Liturgy is called Church- or Old-Slavonic. It is called Church- Slavonic, since its use is limited to the Church for the liturgical services.
Old Church Slavonic
Ancient Slavic language, belonging to the Eastern (Bulgaro-Macedonian) part of the Southern group (the western part includes Serbo-Croatian and Slovene) of the Slavic languages.
Russian Orthodox
Russian Orthodox Church Slavonic Language.
Old Church Slavic language
It is also called Old Church Slavonic or Old Slavonic language, and represents a tongue which was spoken by South Slavic tribes who invaded the Balkan peninsula in the 6th and 7th century AD.
Church Slavonic language
Historically, this language is derived from Old Church Slavonic by adapting pronunciation and orthography and replacing some old and obscure words and expressions with their vernacular counterparts .
Old Church Slavonic Online
Old Church Slavonic is the name given to the language that is preserved in several manuscripts and a few inscriptions originating from the regions of the Moravian Empire, situated between the Vistula River and the easternmost extent of Carolingian influence, and the Bulgarian Empire, ...

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