Croatian Language and Literature Resources

Croatian is spoken in the following countries: Croatia, Austria, Bosnia, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Sweden and Germany.
Croatian genealogy, travel, translation; writing to the church.
Croatian Cyrillic Script
The tradition of the Croatian Cyrillic Script goes back to the 12th century and lasted continuously until the 18th century, with sporadic uses even in the 20th century.
Croatian Language
Language, Ideology and Politics in Croatia by Mate kapović.
Croatian language (PDF)
Some remarks on recent lexical changes in the Croatian language.
Croatian Glagolitic Script
In the history of Croatian people three scripts were in use: Croatian Glagolitic Script, Croatian Cyrillic Script (bosancica) and Latin Script.
Folia (PDF)
Folia Croatica-Canadiana by the Croatian Studies Fouandation and the Croatian Heritage Foundation.
Croatian Language
Hrvatska znanstvena bibliografija.
Backpackers Guide to Croatian Language
Croatian is closely related to Serbian (although Serbian is written with a different alphabet) and more distantly related to Slovene and Czech.
Croatian language Corpus
Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics.
Croatian language
Croatian is the standardized variety of the Serbo-Croatian language used by Croats, principally in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Serbian province of Vojvodina and other neighboring countries.
Croatian Heritage Foundation
Croatian Names (PDF)
Plants and geographical Names in Croatia.
Croatian Language
Makarska OnLine - smjestaj, informacije - accommodation, information

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