Dutch Language and Literature Resources

Dutch is spoken in the following countries: Netherlands and Belgium.

Overview Dutch language,including Flemish. Dutch loanwords in the English and American language.
History of the Dutch Language
History of the Dutch language (Nederlandistik, Universität Wien.
Dutch Language
Taalthuis - Dutch language learning - On Dutch language learning.
Learn Dutch
The Learn Dutch website is a resource for Distance Learners who like to excercise their mind with a difficult-to-learn language. This online Dutch language course is used in 113 countries. .
Germanic languages: Dutch
WebVerbix is a free on-line verb conjugator. It contains a subset of Verbix for Windows features.
Dutch is the national language of The Netherlands.
Dutch Development
Historical Development of Dutch.
Dutch Language
Peter Large's Dutch Language and Culture Page.
Yiddish and Dutch
Words without borders: Yiddish loanwords in Dutch.
Hugo Dutch
Teach Yourself Beginner's Dutch by Doris-Alexandra Leaua.
Geschichte des Niederländischen
Vorgeschichte: vom Indoeuropäischen zum Niederländischen - Gotisch - Altniederländisch (vor 1150) - Mittelniederländisch (ca.1150 - 1500) - Das 16. und 17. Jahrhundert - Das 19. und 20. Jahrhundert.
Dutch Language Links
The Germanic languages listed are those which are taught at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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