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Hungarian is spoken in the following countries: Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Ukraine, Austria and Slovenia.

Hungarian Language Course
A Hungarian Language Course - samples and exercises.
Hungarotips - Hungary with Pictures and Sounds, Genealogy.
Hungarian Language
The Austro-Hungarian Language Policy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Empires and Nations from the Eighteenth to the Twentieth Century, Volume 1, Cambridge Scholars Publishing 2014.
Hungarian Academy - Hungarian
Welcome to the homepage of the Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
The Hungarian Language Program
Hungarian Language Links - Online Resources - Some Internet Dictionarie.
Hungarian Morphological Analyser (TXT File)
Morphological analysis, and part-of-speech disambiguation on Hungarian text.

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Hungarian DictionaryHungarian Electronic Translators
Hungarian German DictionaryHungarian Italian Dictionary
Hungarian Spanish DictionaryHungarian Dictionary Books
Hungarian TranslationHungarian Learn Books
Hungarian Grammar BooksHungarian Language
Hungarian NewspapersHungarian Learning
Hungarian ResourcesHungarian Search Engines
Hungarian Vocabulary Language

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