Khmer Language Linguistics, Culture and Literature

Les prénoms cambodgiens
Khmer-Network - Cambodge - Les prénoms cambodgiens. Guesdon, Joseph., France. Commission archéologique de l'Indochine.
Dictionnaire cambodgien-français
Dictionnaire cambodgien-français.
Debates on Orthography and Coinage
The Establishment of the National Language in Twentieth-Century Cambodia.
Vocabulaire français-cambodgien
Vocabulaire français-cambodgien et cambodgien-français.
Le rôle du sanskrit dans le développement de la langue khmère
Une étude épigraphique du VIe au XIVe siècle by von Kunthea Chhom.
Dictionnaire Cambodgien-Français (1902)
Dictionnaire Cambodgien-Français - Eleméments de l'écriture cambodgienne.
Research report on phonetic and phonological analysis of Khmer (PDF document) New
In phonetic analysis of Khmer sounds, we have identified Khmer phonetic inventory with their associative features.
Khmer Transliteration
Note on the Transliteration of Khmer by Michel Antelme.
Pronunciation Khmer
Extreme Khmer Episode 1: Surin Khmers
Use online Khmer dictionaries and buy Khmer software and fonts.
Phonological Principles (PDF document) New
And Automatic Phonemic and Phonetic Transcription of Khmer Words by Makara Sok.

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