Kwakwala Language and Information Resources

The Canadian Tribute to Human Rights.
Naming the Land - First Peoples of Canada - Naming the Land.
Kwakwala is a Northern Wakashan language spoken at the north end of Vancouver Island and adjacent areas on the mainland.
Reversing Language Shift
Can Kwak'wala Be Revived Stan J. Anonby.
Sketch of the Kwakiutl Language
American Anthropologist.
Kwak'wala Languag
Kwak'wala also known as Kwakiutl is the indigenous language spoken by the Kwakwaka'wakw. It belongs to the Wakashan language family.
About The Kwak'wala people
We are the Kwakwala-speaking people on the north east coast of Vancouver Island and the adjacent mainland coast of British Columbia.
Kwakwala Language
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada - Languages (Kwakwala)

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