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Limburgish language
Limburgish is a group of East Low Franconian language varieties spoken in the Limburg and Rhineland regions, near the common Dutch, Belgian and German border.
Limburgish language
Limburgish is spoken in the two provinces of Limburg (Netherlands and Belgium), and in a few border villages in a small neighbouring part of Germany (the Selfkant area).
Limburg Map
Limburg Map Taalkaart.
North Limburg Map
Lingual map of North Limburg.
Limburgish Academy Foundation
Limburgish Academy Foundation (Stiechting Limbörgse Academie).
De Chinezen van Nederland
An introduction to the phonology of the Limburg region.
Limburgian dialect territory is generally delimited by the "ik-ich" isogloss (at the "ich" side), by the "maken-machen" isogloss (at the "maken" side) and by the East-Walloon language area.

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