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Nenets languages
The Nenets language refers to either of two languages spoken in northern Russia by the Nenets people.
The Nenets
The Nenets and Khanty of Yamal Peninsula.
Nenets languages
The language of the Nenets belongs to the Samoyedic branch of the Uralic languages, comprising together with the Enets and Nganasan languages its Northern Group.
Tundra Nenets language
Tundra Nenets is a Samoyedic language spoken in northern Russia, from the Kanin Peninsula to the Yenisei River, by the Nenets people.
Tundra Nenets
A slightly different version under the misleading title ’Nenets‘ has appeared printed in The Uralic languages, edited by Daniel Abondolo, London: Routledge, 1998.

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