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This site contains a wealth of information on the Quechua language in general. Choose the area in which you are most interested from the following list.
Quechua Language Sites
Quechua Language and Culture.
Quechuanis a family of some 45 closely-related languages spoken in the Andean region of South America by close to 10 million people.
Viva el Peru
Links to Quechua resources.
A few words on Quechua
A little about the Native American language: Quechua.
Quechua: the Inca Language
Hiram Bingham, the American explorer who found the ruins of Machu Picchu in 1911, ...
Quechua Texts
Vocabulary - Sounds of Quechua - Quechua Texts.
Quechua and Aymara Languages
Quechua - Runa Simi (language of the people) - was the official language of the Inca empire.
Quechua Language
Quechua OCR, Quechua Phrase Books, Quechua Reference.
Runasimi, Inkakunaq rimanan
Disposiciones oficiales sobre el idioma Quechua.
Quechua en Cochabamba
Quechua Bolivian en Cochabamba (Available in spanish only)

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