Romanian Language and Literature Resources

Romanian is spoken in the following countries: Romania, Moldova.

The History of the Romanian Language
Romania is unique in that it is the only Eastern Block country that speaks a Romance language.
Romanian language
Romanian as a native language, primarily in Romania and Moldova, and by another 4 million people as a second language.
Romanian Voice - Romania
Offering a cultural insight on Romania.
Turkic Hydronyms in Romania.
The Romanian Language Program
Romanian Language Links - Online Resources - Some Internet Dictionarie.
Romanian Language Technology
Recent Advances in Romanian Language Technology Editors Dan Tufis, Poul Andersen.
Loanwords in Romanian
The language and its speakers.
Poezii Romanesti - Romanian Poetry
Poems in Romanian - Translations into other languages.
Romanian dialects
Romanian and the Italian dialects II.
Biblioteca romaneasca
Online Romanian library.
The identity, the history, the Geography, auxiliaries and Present and future role of Romanian.
Romanian-Speaking Communities Outside Romania (PDF)
Linguistic Identities by Dorin Lozovanu.
Romanian culture
Arts / Literature Poetry, Museums, Books ...
Romanian and Albanian
Common Lexic in Romanian and Albanian. Substrate and Loanwords.

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