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Gaelic Dictionaries Online
All of the local dictionaries allow searches and have hyperlink cross-references.
Welcome to, the website for parents and children interested and involved in Gaelic education, by Stòrlann.
North American Association for Celtic Language Teachers
NAACLT is a non-profit professional organization bringing together Celtic language teachers and researchers in Canada and the United States.
Scottish Gaelic (2nd Edition)
By William Lamb.
Gaelic and Gaelic Culture
Gaelic Languages - The Celts and the Six Celtic Languages - Gaelic-L: The gaelic language list and the Gaelic-L Electronic Library ...
Comunn na Gaidhlig
Promotion of the Scottish Gaelic language at local, regional, and national levels.
Gaelic Resources
Gàidhlig air an Lìon.
Gaelic Languages Info
Gaelic in the Bay Area - Gaelic Languages Organizations - Online Dictionaries - Online Lessons.
Gaelic resources
Fiosrachadh mun Ghàidhlig, ge b'e àite a tha e air an Eadar-lìon.
Encyclopedia of the Celts (by Knud Mariboe)
Encyclopedia of the Celts Compiled and Edited by Knud Mariboe.
Comunn Gaidhlig Inbhir Nis The Gaelic Society of Inverness
The Gaelic Society of Inverness was established in 1871 for the specific purpose of "cultivating the language, poetry and music of the Scottish Highlands and generally furthering the interests of the Gaelic-speaking people".

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