Sorbian Language and Literature Resources

Sorbian in Germany
The language in the country - The use of the language in various fields
Sorbian Language
Sorbian Dictionary, Sorbian Fonts, Sorbian OCR, Sorbian Reference, Sorbian Software.
Project Rastko
Electronic library of Sorbian-Serbian cultural ties.
soblex - sorbian bilingual lexicon.
Sorbian, or Wendisch, is a member of the West Slavic subgroup of Indo-European languges spoken by about 55,000 people in Upper and Lower Lusatia in the German ...
Sorbian Grammar
Upper Sorbian belongs to the Slavic group of the Indoeuropean family of languages.
Sorbian Language
The Sorbian language belongs to the Slavic family of languages and is closely related to Polish, Kashubian, Czech and Slovak.
Lower Sorbian - Upper Sorbian
Useful phrases in Lower Sorbian and Upper Sorbian.
Upper Sorbian Grammar
The page contains a basic grammar of the Upper Sorbian language.

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