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Swahili Online
Site Summary: Formerly known as Bwambadi, this resource offers information on various aspects of Swahili culture.
Swahili Cultural Services
Swahili Cultural Services(swahiliservice.com, kiswahili.org).
Kiswahili Resource Page
Swahili Dictionary at Yale University - Other Web Sites for Learning Kiswahili.
Popular Swahili texts
Language and Popular Culture in Africa.
Kiswahili kwa kompyuta.
Swahili vowel harmony
By Lutz Marten Lutz Marten.
Swahili language and culture
Listing of Swahili links.
Swahili Forum
Swahili Forum provides a unique platform for research articles on Swahili language, literature as well as on Swahili-speaking cultures and societies in Eastern Africa ...
Swahili Links
Moja - Newspaper and Information Source for East Africa.
Swahili language
Aids to the study of Ki-Swahili [microform] : four studies by Beech, Mervyn Worcester Howard.
Bantu languages: Swahili
Swahili is a Bantu language of the Sabaki subgroup of Northeastern Coast Bantu languages.
Archives of Popular Swahili
Archives of Popular Swahili is an electronic archive of spoken and written Popular Swahili texts. Popular varieties of Swahili are used as the primary medium or vehicle of Central-African popular culture.

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