Welsh Language and Literature Resources

Welsh is spoken in the following countries: Ukraine, Belarus and Poland.

Welsh English
Welsh English - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Welsh Literature
An Introduction to Welsh Literature.
Welsh Language
A general introduction to the Welsh language, including historical and contemporary issues, social and cultural background, resources for learners, links to Welsh-related web pages and discussion groups on Welsh.
Southall's bi-lingual reader - Volume 2 - Volume 3
Adapted for Welsh elementary schools by Southall, John E
Pronouncing Welsh Place Names ...and their meaning
Wales is a bi-lingual country - both Welsh and English are spoken.
Welsh and English for day schools
Cymraeg a Saesneg, at wasanaeth ysgolion dyddiol : sef, cynllun newydd effeithiol i ddysgu Saesneg drwy y Gymraeg : for home lessons and school use by Bowen, Thomas.
Cymdeithas Madog (Welsh Studies Institute in North America)
Welsh Studies Institute in North America (WA USA), is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping North Americans learn, use and enjoy the Welsh language.
Tales for schools
Cant o hanesion difyrus at wasanaeth ysgolion dyddiol : gyda geir-lechres (vocabulary) Gymraeg a Saesneg i bob hanesyn.
Welsh Language
Welsh as a specific subject for elementary schools by Society for Utilizing the Welsh Language.
Welsh Language Guide
The language of Wales, more properly called Cymraeg in preference to Welsh (A Germanic word denoting "foreigner"), belongs to a branch of Celtic, an Indo-European language.
Welsh Links
Language Study - Dictionaries & Translation Tools - Literature.
Wales and her language
considered from a historical, educational and social standpoint with remarks on modern Welsh literature and a linguistic map of the country by Southall, John Edward.
The Welsh-Language Media.
Gwybodiadur: A Welsh Informationary
Welcome to Gwybodiadur, a directory of information to do with the Welsh language. It lists and reviews books, tapes, CD-ROMs, courses and online resources for Welsh learners and teachers, focusing particularly on Welsh dictionaries.
Welsh Language
History and Status of the Welsh Language.
Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg
Welsh Language Society site and magazine, mostly in Welsh, but also with some material in English.
Welcome to Gwybodiadur, a directory of information to do with the Welsh language. I

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