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Haisla Language
Bibliography of Materials on the Haisla Language.
Wakashan languages From Wikipedia
Wakashan is a family of languages spoken in British Columbia around and on Vancouver Island, ...
Haisla From Wikipedia
The Haisla are an indigenous people living at Kitamaat in the North Coast region of the Canadian province of British Columbia.
The language is a Coast Salish language known in the linguistic literature as Halkomelem.
Halkomelem Language
Bibliography of Materials on the Halkomelem Language.
Brian Thom's Coast Salish
Home Page Languages Spoken In The Gulf of Georgia Area.
Secwepemc Cultural Education
Secwepemc Cultural Education Society Language Dept.
Secwepemc Language
Secwepemc Cultural Education Society Language.
Wakashan Linguistics
The Wakashan Linguistics Page

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