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The Cheyenne Language
Cheyenne is spoken in southeastern Montana on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation, and in central Oklahoma.
Cheyenne topical word lists
It is not possible to learn to speak a language just by memorizing word lists.
Common Cheyenne words
Here are some commonly used words of the language, with their spellings and pronunciation in Wav sound files.
Cheyenne topical word lists
To learn a language you must learn natural phrases, words put together which make sense for everyday talking, just as people use any living language.
Cheyenne Course
Let's Talk Cheyenne: An Audio Cassette Course.
Cheyenne language learning comments
As we emphasize on the page for Cheyenne word lists, it is not possible to learn to speak a language just by memorizing word lists.
Northern Cheyenne versus Southern Cheyenne
Northern Cheyenne versus Southern Cheyenne: Two Different Dialects?
Cheyenne flash cards
Memory Master - Cheyenne flash cards.
GeoNative Cheyenne
The Cheyenne or Tsitsistas (own ethnic name) are an Algonquian group, traditional of the Prairie.
History of the Cheyenne Alphabet
The modern linguistic alphabet which has been used in bilingual education programs and Cheyenne language materials since the early 1970's is essentially the same alphabet designed by Rev. Rodolphe Petter for the Cheyenne language 100 years ago.
Cheyenne Sounds
Following is the contents of the Cheyenne Sounds booklet, dated February 9, 1998.

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