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Learn Norwegian free online with Norwegian lessons in grammar, Norwegian Courses, Tutorial, vocabulary, useful phrases, pronunciation and other Materials. Norwegian language resources to help you learn Norwegian vocabulary fast and for free!

Norwegian I Tutorial
Basic Phrases, Vocabulary and Grammar.
Norwegian in Five Minutes a Month
Their monthly language lesson has been out for a while now, and many of you have let us know that it is working wel.
Norwegian Verbs
Common Norwegian Verbs.
Pa vei - interaktive oppgaver
Online Learn Norwegian - Grammar - Vocabulary - Phrases.
Norwegian for Travelers
Basic phrases - Norsk til reisebruk (English) Foreign Languages.
Video Files and Exercises with Norwegian being spoken in everyday situations
Everyday Norwegian is divided into six sections, each with its own video and accompanying exercises. Many of the videos have a choice between an authentic audio track and a simplified audio track.
Audio - Norwegian
Norwegian Virtual Audio-Video Archive.
Norwegian Phonetic Alphabet
Since phonetic transcription can be very helpful in learning Norwegian pronunciation, this page is a valuable resource for those who learn Norwegian in order to be fluent ...
Colloquial Norwegian (Scribd ebook)
Colloquial Norwegian - A complete Language Courses.
Teach Yourself Norwegian (PDF)
A book of self-Instruction in the Norwegian Language.
Norwegian self-taught
Norwegian self-taught by the natural method. With phonetic pronunciation. Thimm's system (1920).
Norwegian Language
Learn Norwegian Online.
Norwegian Language Lessons
Learn Norwegian in 5 Minutes a Month!
Norskklassen - a virtual gathering place for Norwegian learners.
Colloquial Norwegian
A Complete Language Course Norwegian by Kari Bråtveit.
Beginners Norse
Beginners’ book in Norse (1910).
Norwegian Verb Conjugator
Norwegian is the national language of Norway spoken by 5 million native speakers.
Norwegian Language
The FSI Norwegian Headstart Course.
Learning the Danish and Norwegian languages
A new practical and easy method of learning the Danish and Norwegian languages .. (1900)

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