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Xhosa Lesson (youtube)
Xhosa Tongue Twister Lesson in South Africa - Very cool!
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The Sotho languages are related closely enough to be understood by all speakers of this group. More or less 25% of South Africans speak a Sotho language at home. According to a recent survey, Northern Sotho is spoken by 3.8 million people.
Xhosa Lesson (youtube)
Xhosa Lesson 2. How to say "click" sounds.
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Free Online Kurse Xhosa.
Lessons in Xhosa
This is to help those who do not speak Xhosa as their 1st language.
Xhosa Khaya
This is the language of Nelson Mandela, Arch Bishop Tutu, Winnie Mandela, Steve Biko, Mariam Makeba, Thabo Mbeki
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