English Spanish Medical Dictionary Glossary Terms Lexicon Online

Dictionary Safety (PDF Document)
Dictionary of Occupational Safety and Health Terms (English Spanish).
Spanish Medical Encyclopedia
Índice Médico De la Enciclopedia - Español.
Medical glossary (Textfile)
Glossary of Medical Terms - in txt format.
Diccionario médico
Spanish Medical Dictionary.
Spanish Medical Dictionary
Free Spanish Medical Dictionary includes Spanish and English translations of medical terminology, as well as medical slang.
Glossary of Dental English - Spanish
FDI Dental Lexicon and PAHO Glossary of Dental Terms - Direct Search by Term English - Spanish.
Medical Terms (En Sp)
Medical Term - Término médico.
Diccionario Médico online
Spanish Online Medical Dictionary.
Spanish Dermatological
Spanish Dermatological Vocabulary Used by Mexican Workers.
English-Spanish glossary of magnetic resonance images
Glosario español-inglés de imágenes de resonancia magnética Beatriz Méndez Cendón* y José Carlos Méndez Cendón**.
A Glossary of Cancer Terms
A Glossary of Cancer Terms - Health News - redOrbit.
Medical Glossary
Medical Terms - Términos médicos.
English-Spanish Dictionary (PDF Document)
The first edition of the English-Spanish Dictionary of Health Related to Emergency and Disaster Preparedness.
Spanish Health Care Terms in the United States
Spanish Language Style Guide & Glossaries: Spanish Health Care Terms in the United States - Webcontent.gov.
El Glosario de Terminos
Pharmaceutical Glossary English Spanish.
Diccionario de la Diabetes
Diabetes dictionary Spanish English.

Pharmaceutical Glossary English Portuguese.
English-Spanish Glossary
El Glosario de Terminos an English-Spanish Glossary: from Actual Acquisition Cost and Additional Copay to Wholesale Acquisition Cost.
Spanish Medical Dictionary
Diccionario médico.
Spanish Glossary Alzheimer's disease (PDF Document)
The following glossary in Spanish defines frequently used terms related to Alzheimer's disease and dementia-related care and treatment.
English Spanish Dictionary
Vocabulario común a los trastornos del Sueño.
Spanish Medical Dictionary
Spanish Illustrated Medical Dictionary.
Drugs Glossary
Busque en la Enciclopedia de Medicamentos.
Glossary Chinese (PDF Document)
A abilities Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) ADL acute care adult day services advance directives advocate aggression agitation Alzheimer's disease ...
Medical Spanish terminology
Medical Spanish Vocabulary and Terminology.
English Spanish Health Terms (PDF Document)
Dictionary of Occupational Safety and Health Terms English – Spanish.

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