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Dental - Orthodontic Glossary
Glossary of Dental Terminology.
Glossary of Orthodontic Terms
American Association of Orthodontists. Braces Align Teeth.
Dental Treatments
Restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures are changing the face of oral care; they allow just about anyone to have an attractive and functional smile.
Medical and Dental Abbreviations
Do you need a reference guide for Medical and Dental abbreviations?
Orthodontics Glossary
Orthodontics: this is the generic name given to a variety of orthodontic or braces procedures which focus on enhancing an individual's appearance and function. Orthodontics is a continuously growing industry.
Dentistry Glossary -
Glossary of dental terms.
Dental Glossary
Glossary of Dental Terms - Harley Street Dentist London UK.
A Dictionary of Dental Terms
Definitions Of General Dental Terms and Definitions Of Orthodontic Terms.
Dental Glossary
Glossary - The Dental Clinic.
Glossary of dental terms
Here is a list of dental terms and their accompanying descriptions which have been used in this guide.
Dental Glossary
Use the dental glossary to educate yourself on different dental terminology and procedures.
Dental Glossary
Our dental glossary is a definition of terms used on our website and in dentistry. Please click on a link below to go directly to that section of the glossary.
Brain and Body Glossary
Brain & Body Nutrition - nutrition advice for you and your family, glossary.
Glossary of Dental Clinical and Administrative Terms
There are many terms used daily by dentists and their staff in the course of delivering care to patients, maintaining patient records and preparing claims.
Moorland Dentistry
Moorland Dentistry is a specialist dental practice providing full dentures and treatment of chronic facial pain.
Glossary of Terms
Glossary of dental terms from Myton Park Dental Centre.
Dental and Oral Health
Dental and Oral Health - Glossary A to Z.
Dentistry A-Z
An A-Z Glossary of Dentistry terms. UK Health Centre Information.
Dental Care Glossary
1st Dental Care Glossary - Definitions For Dentistry Terms Your Dentist Might Use.
Glossary Dental
Dental Implant Glossary (HTML-Format).
A Dictionary of Dental Terms
Definitions Of General Dental Terms, Definitions Of Orthodontic Terms.
The Merck Manual
THE MERCK MANUAL, Sec. 9, Dental and Oral Disorders.
Dental Definitions for Non-Dentists
The Virtual Hospital: Iowa Health Book: Dentistry: Dental Definitions for Non-Dentists.
Dental Glossary
Glossary of Dental Terms.
FDI Dental Lexicon
FDI Dental Lexicon and PAHO Glossary of Dental Terms in English, French, German and Spanish.
English-German Dictionary of Dental Terms
English-German dictionary / thesaurus by the Deutsche Zahnärztliche Zeitschrift.
Dental and Oral Health
This page contains a list of terms and definitions associated with the specialty of pediatric dentistry.
Japanese-English Medical Dental Dictionary
English-Japanese and Japanese-English Medical & Dental Dictionary - T. Oi, Japan .

Oral efinitions
Oral health definitions for non-dentists.
Dental Dictionary
Dental Terms won't be a privilege of dentists anymore.
Dental Terms
Glossary of Dental Health Terms.
Medical and Dental Vocabulary
Medical and Dental Vocabulary - English-German - Diseases and Treatments.
Picture of the Teeth
The teeth are the hardest substances in the human body. Besides being essential for chewing, the teeth play an important role in speech.
Dental Glossary
Glossary - Dental and Oral Health.
Glossary of Dental Terms
This comprehensive reference provides a glossary of dental terms as they relate to the public.
Chipped Teeth
Chipped Teeth Repair - dental photos of cosmetic fillings.
Dental Glossary
Use the dental glossary to educate yourself on different dental terminology and procedures. This comprehensive reference provides a glossary if dental terms as they relate to the public.

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