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Genomics Glossary
Glossary of Genomic Terms.
IMSR Glossary
The IMSR glossary provides definitions for terms used in the IMSR web site. Abbreviations in parentheses following some terms refer to the abbreviations used in the data submission files.
Genetic Terminology
Genetic Terminology and Definitions.
MGI Glossary
This glossary provides definitions for some terms found in our help documentation and other terms that are useful in understanding mouse genetics and bioinformatics.
Human Genome Acronym List
An extremely useful list of abbreviations for some 300 organizations and terms in genetics.
Genome Glossary
A glossary of genetic terms from the DOE Human Genome Program.
Glossary KP Genetics Northern California
Straightforward collection of layperson-oriented definitions important in clinical genetics.
Molecular genetics Glossary
Comprehensive online glossary of the Molecular genetics Terms.
Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology
The Atlas of Genetics and Cytogenetics in Oncology and Haematology gives reviews on genes involved in cancer, leukemias, solid tumors, and cancer-prone diseases. It also provides lectures in Genetics for students in medicine/sciences.
Glossary of Phylogenetic Systematics
Glossary of Phylogenetic Systematics with a critic of mainstream cladism.
Genomics Glossary
Genomics: Glossary of terms.
Human Genome Project programs of the U.S. Department of Energy.
Dictionary of Terms
Birth Defects Information Directory.
Genome Glossary
A glossary of genetic terms.
Dictionary of Genetic Terms
A primer on basic genetics; the science of the Human Genome Project; genomic medicine; ethical, legal and social issues; and post-genomics research. Also available in Acrobat (PDF Document) format.
Genetic Glossary
A Hypermedia Glossary of Genetic Terms.
Genetics Glossary
Comprehensive online glossary of the Genetics Terms.
Medical Genetics
Medical Genetics Glossary.
Glossary Genetics Home Reference
Genetics Home Reference obtains definitions from several sources.
Medical Genetics
University of Chicago Comer Children's Hospital: Glossary - Medical Genetics.
BLAST Glossary
This BLAST information guide is designed to assist new and veteran users in employing NCBI tools such as BLAST and PSI-BLAST in their research.
Medical Genetics
Glossary - Medical Genetics - Health Library - Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters.
DNA Molecule Glossary
The Structure of the DNA Molecule Glossary - Access Excellence Classic Collection.
Genetic Definitions
HON Mother and Child Glossary, Genetics: Basics and Definitions.

Human Genetics
University of Illinois at Chicago - College of Medicine - DEPARTMENT of MOLECULAR GENETIC.
Gene and Cell Therapy Glossary
Terminology - ASGCT - American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy.
Genetics Terms
NCI Dictionary of Genetics Terms.
Gene Testing Glossary
Understanding Gene Testing Glossary.
DNA from the Beginning
DNA from the Beginning is organized around key concepts.
Glossary and References
These terms have special technical meanings as they are used in this guide. Key words that denote fundamental genetics concepts are printed in boldface and cross-referenced to operational definitions or examples of how they are used in the text.
Glossary Genetics
Glossary - Genetics Home Reference.
Microbial Genetics Glossary
To see a list of definitions, click the first letter of the word on the alphabetical list below.
Glossary of Genetic Terms
Glossary of Genetic Terms - Alphabetical List of Terms.
Bioinformatics Glossary
Glossary of Bioinformatics Terms.
The Genomics Lexicon
Science News Presented by BIO: Biotechnology Industry Organization - Not quite as fancy as the NHGRI glossary, but more comprehensive, with definitions of more than 400 terms, nicely cross-linked to related terms.
Genetics news
Series of nice, accessible glossaries with a gene-medicine focus by GeneLetter, an online magazine covering genetic medicine and ethic.
Understanding Gene Testing
Brief glossary of gene medicine terms, geared to a lay audience, accompanying the National Cancer Institute guide Understanding Gene Testing, posted at the Access Excellence educational site.

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