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Alternative or Naturopathic medicine has rapidly been gaining in popularity and usage. Natural herbal compound and extracts in the form of dietary supplements are being used more and more for things such as Acne, Headaches, Depression, Energy, Muscle problems, sports performance, relaxation aids, sexual enhancement and performance as well as for things such as breast enhancement. ..
Herbal Medical glossary by michael moore (Text)
Herbs work rather poorly within the current medical model ...
The Herbal Encyclopedia
The Herbal Encyclopedia - Main Page for Herbal Information.
MEDICAL HERBALISM: A Journal for the Clinical Practitioner
The purpose of Medical Herbalism is to strengthen the herbal practitioner, to preserve and develop the science and art of herbal medicine, and to promote communication and sharing of clinical methods and experiences.
Herbal-Medical Glossary
HouseofStrauss.co.uk - Articles section - Herbal-Medical Glossary, 1.2 I-L.
Modern Herbal
Botanical - A Modern Herbal by Mrs.M.Grieve.
Herbal-Medical Glossary
Health Quest Lab Herbal-Medical Glossary - The herb and medical terms are listed alphabetically.

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