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Afghanistan National and Official Languages: Pashto and Dari.
Capital City: Kabul

Herat NewsKabul News

1 TV
One of Afghanistan's Leading Channel.
Ariana TV
Ariana Television Network.
National Radio Television of Afghanistan (RTA).
Shamshad TV
News, Politics, Science and More.
Tolo News - English - Pashto
News, Photos, Blogs, Opinion, Arts, Culture, Programmes, Watch TOLOnews and People.
Azadi Radio - Azadi Radio
Afghanistan Online Radio.
BBC Newspaper Pashto Language.
IRIB - Pashto
Pashto Radio World Service.
News, Politics and More.
Afghanistan Newspaper Online.
Afghanistan News Center
Afghanistan News Center.
Benawa Online Pashto World.
Khaama Press
Afghan News Agency - The largest news and information source in Afghanistan.
News - Afghanistan, Independent news and information about Afghanistan.
Afghan News Channel
Afghan News Channel (A.N.C.).
Afghan Online Press
Afghan News, Today, Yesterday, Good News, Opinion, Afghan Sports, Entertainment, Weather, AOP Links, News Photos, Dari /Pashto, News Services, Payam-e-Mojahid, Bakhtar News Agency, BBC in Pashto, BBC in Persian, VOA in Pashto, VOA in Dari, DW in Dari, DW in Pashto, IRNA Broadcast, Radio Free Afghanistan, Other Services, AOP Poll, Forums, Chat Room, Health News and Strange News.
Afghan Sports
Sports, Photos, Blogs and More.
Afghanistan News - Russian
Latest Afghanistan News.
Afghanistan Peace Organization
About Afghanistan, News - Search, News Summary, Quran in Dari, Streaming Afghan TV, Afghan TV Guide, Best of YouTubeTV Schedules, Dream InterpretationDream Interpretation, Photo Gallery.
Afghanistan Sun
Leading National Online news Service for Afghanistan.
Afghanistan's Web Site
Afghanistan's Web Site: Afghanistan.
Big News Network
Afghanistan News and Editorial.
Dawat Independent Media Center
News, Articles, Afghanistan, Pashtu and Pashtoons, Poems, Books, News Photos, AFGHAN R. P., Your comments, Pictures, Dawat and Contact, DAWAT TV. All about Afghanistan - Dawat Voice of New Afghanistan.
Dawat Independent Media Center
Dawat Afghan Media.
E Ariana
News, Articles, Cartoons, Feedback and Opinion.
Eurasia Net - Afghanistan
News, Russian, Afghanistan and More.
Afghanistan Information Network - Farsi - Pashto - English - Russian
Russian View on Afghanistan.
Forum for Area Studies and Information Center.
Afghan Pastho and Dari News.

Index Mundi
Afghanistan News Headlines.
Reporting - Institute for War and Peace - Institute for War and Peace - Reporting (Dari) - Institute for War and Peace
Afghanistan - Institute for War and Peace Reporting.
Afghanistan Pashto - Institute for War and Peace Reporting.
Humanitarian news and analysis a service of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.
News, Politics, Economy, Science and Archive.
My Afghan
Your source for Breaking News on Afghanistan, Weather, and Twitter Updates - 5 Viewers Online.
National Islamic Movement of Afghanistan - English
News, Policies, Dostum Foundation, Opinion, Society And Culture, Economy, Issues, Women and Youth.
Recent Reports from Afghanistan.
Today's News, Yesterday's News, Articles, Issues and AfghanPedia.
Taand - English Pashto

News, Articles, Press, Culture, Eng.
Tol Afghan
News, Forum and Archive.
Afghanistan News Topix.
Afghan Business, International Business, Arts & Culture and Featured Articles.
Afghanistan News Yahoo.
Times of Central Asia
Afghanistan News Times.
Afghan Islamic Press
News, Articles, Archive, AIP, FAQ, Download and Feedback.
Bakhtar (Dari) - English - Pashto
Politics, Security, Economy, Education, Culture, Social, Sports, News and International.
News, Media, Chronicle, Project, Gallery, Library, Marketplace, Blogs and More3.
Kabul Press - English
Reveals, Freedom of Speech, Human Rights, Opinion, Interview, Culture, Gallery, Video andInternational.
Pajhwok (Dari) - English - Pashto
Governance, Security & Crime, Accidents & Disasters, Business & Economics, Reconstruction, Agriculture, Health, Education, Migration, Religion & Culture, Social, Sports, Features, Interviews, Past 48 Hours, Photo Library and Video Library.
Roz Afghan News - English - Dari
News, Your News, Gallery, Video, Search and Vcancies.
Wakht (Dari) - English - Pashto
Politics and Parliament, Security and Crime, Business & economics, Accidents and Disasters, Reconstruction & Develop, Social & culture, Health, Education, Agriculture, Sports, Entertainment, Audio and Video.

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