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Belize National and Official Languages: English, Kriol, Spanish, Garifuna, Maya and Plautdietsch.
Capital City: Belmopan

Belize CitySan Pedro

BELIZE Magazine - Edition Four, feature articles and travel information about Belize, Central America.
Belize News
Headlines Online, Weather, Newspapers, Radio Stations, Search, Instant.
7 News Belize
Archives, Podcasts and News.
Belize First Magazine
the # 1 magazine on travel, life and retirement in Belize.
Love FM
News and music power!
Government Web Portal
The Government of Belize Official Web Portal.
The Guardian Newspaper
Belize Newspaper - The Guardian.
The Belize Times
The Truth Shall Make You Free.
The Reporter
Frontpage, Crime/Legal, General and Sports.
Placencia Breeze Online
A publication of the Placencia BTIA.
The Star
The Star is an independent weekly, published by Alberto August and edited by his wife Nyani Azueta-August. .
Centaur Cable Network
Belize News from CTV3. Powered by FarWorld!
Caye Caulker Chronicles
Caye Caulker, Belize, News

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