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Cape Verde National and Official Languages: Portuguese and Cape Verdean Creole.
Capital City: Praia

Jornal Expresso das Ilhas (Portuguese)
News, Politics, National, Exclusive, Economy, Society, Place, Culture, Sports, World and Opinion.
Cabo Diario (Portuguese)
News from Cape Verde.
Jornal O Liberal Online (Portuguese)
Editorial, Politics, Local Government, Economics, Business, Tourism, General, Society, International, Sports, Health, Education, Culture, Entertainment, Columnists, Opinion, Cape Verde, Editorial Staff, ...
Jornal Digital (Portuguese)
Latest News, Special Report, Politics, Society, Economy, Culture, Sports, Lusophone, Europe, International, Media, Science and Technology.
SAPO - Cabo Verde Online! (Portuguese)
Mail, Blogs, Homes, Photos, Videos, Messenger, Mobile, Radio and News.
Jornal de Cabo Verde (Portuguese)
Islands, Policy, Culture, Economy, Society, Sport, Science, World and Interview.

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