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Slovakia National and Official Languages: Slovak.
Capital City: Bratislava


Slovakia Cities Newspaper and News


Slovakia News Agency SITA.
TASR - TASR - English - German
News Agency of the Slovak Republic.
Hungarian Language Newspaper in Slovakia.
Trend - Profit
Today, Economy, Enterprise, Finance, Business, Technology, Cars, Blogs and More.
Plus 7 Dni
Business, People, Science and Talks.
Video, Blogs, Photos, Magazine, Subscription, Movies, Books and Education.
TV Joj
Broadcast, Programs, Competitions, Download, Music, News, Transport and Advertising.
TV Markiza
Live, Archive, Programs and News.
TV Markiza
Currently News, Movies, TV Shows and TV Programs.
Slovenský Rozhlas
Radio, News, Broadcasting, Archive and Advertising.
TV, Radio, Archive and More.

Life, Television, Archive and News.
Aktualne - Dnes
Slovakia, Economy, Sport, Showbizz, Today, Exclusive, Comments, TV, Weather, Causes, Right, Regions, Crime, From the World, Culture and Sport.
Listings, Reality, Advertisements, Recipes, Career, Discounts, Tv Program, Cinema, Horoscopes, Forum, Humor, Sport, News and Weather.
Aktuality - Sport
News, Economy, Health, Sport, Comments, TV-Program, Weather, More, Science, Cocktail, Culture, Horoscopes, Infographics, Fotosprávy, Europe, Photo,Cinemas, Exchange and Rates.
Buongiorno Slovacchia
Italian Language Newspaper. Foreign And Eu, Interior, Political News, Institutions, Economy, Companies, Miscellaneous, Slovakia Group, Culture, Italy, Hello Slovakia, Interviews, Sports, Italians, Slovaks, Events, Photo of the Day and Ideas.
Index Mundi
Slovakia News Headlines.
Správy - portál
Culture, News, Technology, Fun, Economy, Sport, Science and More.
La Voce della Slovacchia
Italian Language Newspaper Slovakia.
MY Novingy
Regional News, Editorial, Advertising and Subscription.
Economy, Finance, Regional, Education, Infotech and Info.
SK Today (English)
All News, Politics, Business, Community, Healthcare, Law, Travel, Culture, Education, Sport, Reports, Special, Hidden Explosive, Financial Crisis, New Toll System, Euro Changeover, Schengen Zone, Services, Slovakia Guide, Upcoming Events and Quick Links.
The Daily (Enlish)
Current Affairs, Politics, Business, Legislation, Foreign Affairs, Culture, Sport, Features, The Expat and Bratislava.
Web Noviny
Slovakia and World News, Economy, Sport, Showbiz, Culture, Health, Cars, Travel, Science and Technology.

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