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Ghana National and Official Languages: English, Akan, Ewe, Dagomba (Dagbani), Dangme, Dagaare, Ga, Nzema, Gonja and Kasem.
Capital City: Accra

Accra Newspaper

Ghana News Agency
Speed, Acuracy and Objectivity - Latest News, Breaking News.
Ghana Broadcasting Corporation
News, Breaking News, Sports, Business, Local Program & more!
Ghana News
News, Politics, Business, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism and Music.
Ghana Homepage
Government of Ghana Official Website.
Latest Ghana News, Politics, Business, Social News and Forums.
Latest News from Ghana and all over Africa ,Business,Politics,Sports,Entertainment,Videos and more.
Ghana News
Politics, Information, Sports, Entertainment and Blog.
Ghana Business News is Ghana's premier and leading business news portal.
Ghana HomePage
Resource for News, Sports, Facts, Opinions, Business and Entertainment. is a repository of all districts in the republic of ghana.
Ghana News and diaspora news.
Ghana Today
Information Gateway to Ghana - Lets make Ghana.
Ghana News
Breaking News, Ghana Sports, Ghana Politics, Ghana Movies, Ghana Music Entertainment.

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