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Nigeria National and Official Languages: English, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Edo, Efik, Fulani, Idoma and Ijaw Kanuri.
Capital City: Abuja

Port Harcourt

Vanguard News
News, Business, Finance, Technology, Politics, Sport, Entertainment, Style, Fashion Flair, Fashion Personality, My Style, Allure, Viewpoint, Editorial, Forum and Jobs.
Newswatch Magazine
Nigeria, Africa, Politics, Economics, Development, Culture and Art.
Nigerian News
Latest Nigerian News from Thisday newspaper.
Nigeria Newspapers
NG Newspaper Offer All Nigerian Daily News Papers Online,Current Jobs In Nigeria and All Nigerian Newspapers.
Tell Magazine
Nigeria's Independent Weekly.
News, Business, Opinion, You Report, Sport, Property, Appointments, Compulife, Features, Art and Videos.
The Voice of Nigeria
Voice of Nigeria came into existence Broadcasting Corporation ( NBC) ...
The Observer
Nigerian Observer Newspaper.
New Nigerian
News, Opinions, Columns, Features, Interviews, ...
People First Osun Defender.
Nigerian Tribune
Nigerian Tribune Website, Nigerian Tribune Newspaper, ...

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