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Senegal National and Official Languages: French, Wolof, Soninke, Serer, Fula, Maninka and Diola.
Capital City: Dakar

Dakar Newspaper

Agence de Presse Senegalaise (French) - English - Arabic
News from Senegal National Agency .
Homeview Senegal (French)
News, Politics, World, Press, TV and Radio.
Le Senegal Dans le Web!
Infosen (French)
les infos du Senegal et d'ailleurs, sur le net.
Au Senegal (French)
The guide of Travel, Tourism, Art and Culture in Senegal.
Senegal News
Calendar, Blogs, French, Gallery and World News.
News, Politics, Society, Economy, World, Sports and Culture.
Senegal Press, Chronic, Dakar, Africa, ...
News, People, Sport, Video, TV and radio. (French)
Portal Senegal, News, Sport, Daily, Radio, ...
Nettali (French)
Information about Senegal, Politics, Society, Economy and Culture.

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