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Sierra Leone National and Official Languages: English, Mende, Temne and Krio.
Capital City: Freetown

Cotton Tree News
Fondation Hirondelle/Fourah Bay College.
The Sierra Leone Telegraph
Championing social justice and economic inclusion.
Christian Monitor
The Spirit of Truth Live.
Sierra Express Media
Sierra Leone News, Sierra Express Media, for your trusted place in news!
Standard Times Press
Standard Times Press Sierra Leone.
Sierra Leone News
African News, Diaspora News, Opinion, Analysis and Sports.
Peep Newspaper
Peep Newspaper Online.
Daily Mail
The Sierra Leone Daily Mail.
Sierra Leone Times
Independent Sierra Leone News Source.
All the News from Sierra Leone.
The Torchlight
Online Edition of 'THE TORCHLIGHT Magazine' focusing on currents events in Sierra Leone.
Your independent no-holds-barred insight into Sierra Leone.
Awoko Newspaper
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