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Amharic common phrases
Days of the week. Words related to restaurants.
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Ethiopian Amharic Phrases
Amharic is the national language of Ethiopia. It belongs to the Afro-Asiatic language family which includes Arabic, Hebrew and Assyrian.
Common Amharic (Ethiopian) Words and Phrases
The national and official Ethiopian language is Amharic, but there are other native languages spoken, such as Oromigna, Somali and Tigrigna.

English to Amharic Vocabulary,Words and Phrases:

Yes awo
No ay
Beer bira
Coffee buna
Dinner irat
Drink meeteta
Food migib
Good tiru
Her isua
Him isu
Lunch misa
Restaurant migib biet
They inesu
Water wuha
I am hotmokegn
I am sickamognal
I do not understandalgebagnim
I understandgebagn
It is hotyakatilal
What is the time?Sint seat new?
Let us eat Breakfast!qurs (breakfast) inibla (let us eat)
It tastes goodyitafital
How much is the price?sint new wagaw?
Add one more of ... for me!... digemeelign (Femininum)
... digemilign (Maskulinum)
Could you repeat what you said?yalshewin tidegmeelign? (Femininum)
yalkewin tidegmelign? (Maskulinum)
Give me more!Tsemireelign (Femininum)
Tsemirilign (Maskulinum)
Go away!zor belu (Plural)
zor bey (Femininum)
zor bel (Maskulinum)
How are you?indét nachu? (Plural)
Indét nesh? (Femininum)
Indét neh? (Maskulinum)
I am finedehna negn
Where are you from?keyet new yemetashiw? (Femininum)
keyet new yemetahew? (Maskulinum)
Where is ....?yet new ....?
What is your name?man new simish? (Femininum)
man new simih? (Maskulinum)

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