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Teaching and learning English pronunciation
Correction of common mistakes in English pronunciation by language background.
The CMU Pronouncing Dictionary
The Carnegie Mellon University Pronouncing Dictionary is a machine-readable pronunciation dictionary for North American English that contains over 125,000 words and their transcriptions.
English Pronunciation - Pronunciation lessons
EnglishClub.com English Pronunciation - Pronunciation for ESL.
English Pronunciation
English Pronunciation- a comprehensive guide to English phonetics, featuring graphical illustrations, audio and video files (all levels) .
Index of Names and Pronunciations
English Pronunciation Guide to the Names of People, Places, and Stuff.
Free English Pronunciation Lesson Plans
Pronunciation Lesson Plans for English Learners at All Levels.
TESL : Pronunciation
TESL/TEFL/TESOL/ESL/EFL/ESOL Links - TESL : Pronunciation.
World Wide Words: Pronunciation Guide
This list contains the main sounds of standard British English (the one that's associated with southern England, also often called Received Pronunciation).
The History of English Phonemes
This Website is designed to help students of the English language trace the development of the phonemes of English from the Old English period into Present-Day English.
Sounds and Stress
English & French Language Resources: Carl Storz Sounds & Stress: a practical, didactical approach, Pronunciation.
American English Pronunciation Practice
American English Pronunciation Practice (For ESL/EFL).
English pronunciation
A guide to English pronunciation.
Online Pronunciation English
Free Online Pronunciation Guides with Instant Sound + Dictionary: English + 9 Languages.
English pronunciation
Category:English pronunciation - Wikimedia Commons.
English Pronunciation/Listening
International Education at Okanagan University College is dedicated to English language training to all foreign and domestic students who wish to improve their English.
Word Stress in English
Word stress is your magic key to understanding spoken English.
Word Stress
English Pronunciation Learning Site.
Phonics Games
The idea of phonics is that you teach your students the various English sounds, then the letters they correspond to.
English Pronouncing Dictionary
English Pronouncing Dictionary with Instant Sound Free Online.
American English Vowel Sounds
Symbols for American English Vowel Sounds.
The Sound of English
Learn the sound and characters of the international phonectic alphabet.
Sound English
Are You a Phonics Master.
Alphabet for English Pronunciation
ASCII Phonetic Alphabet for English Pronunciation.
Rachel's English
A list of the sounds in American English.
English language pronunciation
English language pronunciation practice with minimal pairs - simply mouse over to hear.
Phonemic Processing by John Rickey.
English Pronunciation
Here you can learn about English Pronunciation.
Learn to Speak English
Learn to Speak English Fluently - Improve Your Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary and Grammar

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