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Latin Pronunciations
The following pronunciations apply to classical Latin.
Pronunciation Latin
Pronunciation Convention Used In Latin Readings.
KET Distance Learning - Latin
Chapter Readings that accompany Ecce Romani, Second Edition Restricted to Distance Learning Students and Facilitators.
Latin Pronunciation
BBC - h2g2 - Latin Pronunciation - a Beginner's Guide.
Latin Pronunciation
Latin Pronunciation Rules.
Latin Language Audio
LATINUM - The Online Latin Language Audio Course from London.
Pronunciation Latin
Ecclesiastical Latin Pronunciation.
Botanical Latin
Dr. K's guide to botanical Latin, with profuse apologies to Wm. T.Stearn, from whom I (Kay) cribbed a lot of it.
Pronunciation of Biological Latin
Pronunciation of Biological Latin - Including Taxonomic Names of Plants and Animals.
The sound of latin
The LATIN QVARTER: Latin language learning resources and films.
Latin Pronunciation Guide
Pronunciation Guide - Latin.
Latin Pronunciations
Pronunciation of Vowels - Pronunciation of Consonants.
Latin Pronunciations
LATIN PRONUNCIATION: Phonematic Length of the Latin Vowels.
Latin Pronunciation History
The History of Latin Pronunciation.

Online Latin-Language Resources:

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