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Old Persian Cuneiform
Old Persian, the language used in the cuneiform inscriptions of Achaemenian dynasty and the vernacular of the Achaemenian elite.
Old Persian Cuneiform
The Old Persian Cuneiform glyphs are both phonemic and syllabic.
Old Persian cuneiform (From Wikipedia)
Old Persian cuneiform is the primary script used in Old Persian writings. It is a semi-alphabetic syllabic cuneiform script.
Oldpersian Cuneiform
The oldpersian Cuneiform - not to confuse with the Babylonian cuneiform, which is a word script - is a soon form of a letteral script.
Historical Notes About Writing
Old-Persian Cuneiform Inscription - Old-Persian Cuneiform Characters.
Old Persian Cuneiform
Old Persian Cuneiform Corpus and Concordance of Verbs.

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