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English Verb Conjugation
English Verb Conjugation and Inflectional Morphology. Conjugate a verb or find all forms of a word. This interface provides inflectional variants for words in a large English dictionary.
English conjugation
free online english conjugation @
Irregular Verbs
Lesson Tutor : Irregular Verbs: First Person Crossword Exercise.
English Irregular Verbs (Zip file)
Search by infinitive and get the past simple, past participle, and "-ing" forms.
English Page - Irregular Verbs Page
Complete list of all irregular verbs in English including dialectic variations.
English Phrasal Verbs
English Phrasal Verbs - Practice your English with Caroline Brown.
List of English Irregular Verbs
A list of 211 basic English irregular verbs, including their base form, past simple, past participle, 3rd person singular, and the present participle / gerund. Click on a verb to view extended information about it.
English Phrasal Verbs
Dictionary of English Phrasal Verbs.
Germanic languages English
Verbix Germanic languages - conjugate English verbs.
English Verbs
Verbbusters English Irregular Verbs.
The Irregular Verbs
The Irregular Verbs All the irregular verbs of the English language Conjugation, pronunciation, translation and examples links contact send to a friend add to favorites.
Linking Verbs
Linking verbs or copular verbs link a subject to a complement.
Voice Precise Verbs
Active and Passive Voice Precise Verbs.
Verbbusters English Verb
Verbbusters English Irregular Verb Search.
English Phrasal Verbs
English Phrasal Verbs Practice your English with Caroline Brown

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