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English Vocabulary Quick
English Vocabulary Quick Reference - A Comprehensive Dictionary Arranged by Word Roots.
Making Language Arts Fun
hile reading classic novels, diagramming sentences and writing five-paragraph essays may be fun for an English teacher, it is rarely as exciting for students.
English Vocabulary Quizzes Using Images
Quizzes to Help You Learn and Review Vocabulary.
Vocaboly - Innovative Vocabulary Builder
Build your vocabulary in a fun unique way with our award-winning vocabulary building software!
Vocabulary Activities
Vocabulary games, activities and exercises for beginners and elementary students of English. There is help for Spanish students. A lot of sound files are produced with Windows Media (WMA) so the pages load slowly.
Funschool - Arcade - Fun and Educational Language Games for Kids.
Vocabulary Quizzes
A collection of ESL quizzes to help you test and improve your English vocabulary.
Picture Vocabulary English
The Internet Picture Dictionary: English.
Barnhart Dictionary Companion
This periodical is a quarterly update for the growing record of English vocabulary as recorded in general dictionaries.
English Vocabulary - Vocabulary lessons
English Vocabulary - Vocabulary Awareness for ESL learners (
Vocabulary Helper
WordNet 2.1 Vocabulary Helper.
Essential German - A One-Page Phrasebook
Don't have time to learn German? You know you need to know a few basics, but you're a busy person.
Learn to Speak German Online
Learn to Speak German Online - Check out Our German Grammar Guide.
German Learn
Beginners - Grammar - Crosswords and Quizzes.
Language German Tutorials
Free Foreign Language Tutorials German.
The German Language
If you learn German your travels will be more enjoyable.
Vocabulary for University Students
ESL Quiz - Vocabulary for University Students (Liliane Bois-Simon) I-TESL-J.
Learn German
Vocab Learn German - Grammar - Verbs - Nouns - Articles - Adjectives - Adverbs ...
Learn new words, play games that improve your vocabulary, explore language.
English Dictionary Vocabulary
Word Information is an English dictionary about English vocabulary words and etymologies derived primarily from Latin and Greek word origins with vocabulary quizzes and the clarifications of confusing words.
The Hot Word Blog
Find the Meanings and Definitions of Words at
Crossword Puzzles
Free Crossword Puzzles - German/English.
Vocabulary Test - Vocabulary Test 4 - Vocabulary Test 6
TOEFL University vocabulary test.
Word Usage Example for TOEFL Words.
Test of English as a Foreign Language - Free, Practice Test of English as a Foreign Language Exam.
English Vocabulary
eflnet Vocabulary Index (EFL, ESL).
Vocabulary of Alliteration
Vocabulary of Alliteration Machiel Vincent van Mechelen.
English Vocabulary
Learn English - - vocabulary

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