Word of the Day

Oxford English Dictionary : Daily Word
Oxford English Dictionary clothesline, Word of the Day.
German Word of the Day
German Word of the Day. ransparent Language provides language learning software for global business.
A Vocabulary Word
Vocabulary Word of the Day at American Literature dot Com.
Another Word A Day the new book - more fun with words.
OED Twitter
The Oxford English Dictionary is the definitive record of the English language, featuring 600,000 words, 3 million quotations, and over 1,000 years of English.
Italian Word of the Day
Features a new word every day spoken in Italian by a native speaker.
Hebrew Word of the Day
Hebrew - Word of the Day via Email - Ezine Vocabulary and Scripture/Parashah (and b-hebrew).
Word of the Day
Archives for the 'Word of the Day' Category.
Mot du Jour - French Word of the Day
Mot du jour - French Word of the Day - The Mot du jour is a great way to increase your French vocabulary.
Word of the Day
travlang's Word of the Day: ???
Word Play
Between the Lions . Word Play.
Includes wordplay and oddities, mathematica, theologica, computica, scientifica, and other humour.
Word of the Day
The New York Times Learning Network - Word Of The Day.
Word of The Day by WordThink
Today's Word of The Day.
Word of the Day - Spanish Language
Word of the Day - Learn Spanish Language.
Travlang's Words for Travellers
Travlang's Word of the Day with Translation in many other languages.
Today's Word, Yesterday's Word.
A.Word.A.Day Home Page
The magic of words -- that's what A.Word.A.Day (AWAD) is about.
Oxford Word of the Day
Oxford English Dictionary Word of the Day.
Word of the Day
Merriam Webster Word of the Day.
Today's Word
Vocab Vitamins - Today's Word.
the worthless word for the day is
Worthless word for the day : word of the day, obscure words, logophile, dictionary, lexicon, sequipedalianism, lingaphile, verbicide, verbivore

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