Online Sumerian Writing Cuneiform

Sumerian Writing Cuneiform
Sumerian is the first known written language. Its script, called cuneiform, meaning "wedge-shaped".
Sumerians created cuneiform script over 5000 years ago. It was the world's first written language.
Cuneiform Tablets
In the late fourth and third milleniums B.C. a people called the Sumerians began to develop a writing system called "cuneiform" ("wedge-shaped"), written on wet clay with a sharpened stick, or stylus.
Proverbs in Sumerian Cuneiform
Proverbs in Sumerian Cuneiform - Click on a sign to see its reading.
Sumerian Cuneiform
Sumerian Cuneiform Grammar : Ancient Sumeria in Mesopotamia of the Near East - Dictionary, Flashcards and Translator.

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