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Transliteration Of the Macedonian Cyrillic Alphabet
The Macedonian language has thirty - one sounds. Since there is one symbol for each sound, that is, there are as many letters as sounds (31), the Macedonian language is completely phonetic.
Latin alphabets for non-latin-writing languages
This site is dedicated to create Latin ortographies to languages whose writing systems are not Latin alphabet.
Transliteration of Non-Roman Scripts
A collection of transliteration and transcription tables for various writing systems.
TransLiteration has been created by Olbico to support the global Data Quality community. Transliteration Arabic, Armenian, Cyrillic, Greek, Hebrew, Korean, Latin and Thai Language.
Thai to English transliteration
Thai2English enables anyone to easily read, understand and translate Thai text, even with little or no knowledge of Thai grammar.
Library of Congress Transliteration
Library of Congress Transliteration.
Hindi Intelligent transliteration
Check out the new writeKA Scripton range of transliterators being rolled out. Currently transliteration for Hindi and Malayalam is available.
Transliteration Russian and Old Church Slavonic
CyrAcademisator is a writing, conversion and transliteration tool for Russian and Old Church Slavonic / Oldbulgarian texts.
Transliteration YIVO
JIDDISCH - YIDDISH - Transliteration YIVO.
Nepali Transcription
Aksharamukha Asian Script Converter.
Hindi to English and Hindi to Urdu Transliteration.
Belarusian Transliteration
Belarusian Alphabets and Transliteration.
Bengali Transliteration
Bengali Transliteration System Version.
Gurmukhi to English Translation and Phonetic Transliteration
Siri Guru Granth Sahib -Gurmukhi to English Translation and Phonetic Transliteration.
English-Arabic Transliteration
English-Arabic Transliteration Tool.
Alibata Transliterator
Latin alphabet to the Tagalog script.
Online Transliterator, system-independent alternate keyboard, convert as you type on a QWERTY or any Latin keyboard!
Russian Transliteration
Transliteration Armenian, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Georgian, Russian and Ukrainian Language.
online Tengwar Transcriber
oTT : online Tengwar Transcriber is a tool for transcribing text written in Roman letters into the Tengwar (the Elvish letters) according to selected language rules.
Transliterating English to Russian in One Step Stephen P. Morse, San Francisco
Fulani-Arabic Transliteration
Create an output file containing the Arabic transliteration and implementing the scripting rules of Arabic.

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