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Find Translation for words and phrases from Cornish to English and English to Cornish Dictionary.

English Cornish Dictionary - Cornish English Dictionary
English Cornish and Cornish English Dictionary.
English Cornish Dictionary (PDF Document)
English.Cornish Dictionary – Errata Cumulative, as of 2003.01.26.
Lexicon Cornish
Lexicon of the Cornish Language - This lexicon currently lists 4,477 English words with their Cornish equivalents, including gender and, for some words, plural. It is only a word list, and not a dictionary, as no definitions or parts of speech are noted.
Glossary of Cornish Folklore
Glossary For Cornish Folklore on Gandolf dot Com.
The Cornish Language
The Cornish Language - An Tavas Kernewek - Cornish language survives today.
Cornish Dictionary
English Cornish dictionary.
English-Cornish Dictionary
English-Cornish Dictionary - Gerlyver Sawsnek-Kernowek.
Dictionary ancient Celtic (Google eBook)
Lexicon cornu-britannicum: a dictionary of the ancient Celtic language of Cornwall.
Cornish Language Phrases
Warlinenn - The Cornish Language Online.
Seasonal Phrases Cornish
Cornish Language Partnership - Seasonal Phrases


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